Don’t you just get tired of letting your pet friend in and out of the house?  Whether it is a cat or a dog, whenever they feel like going out needing to dump or pee, they scratch your door like crazy.  Also, when they feel like going inside the house after doing what they need to do outside, they again scratch your door like crazy.  If you are getting tired of this type of disturbance from your pet, then you need to get yourself (and your pet) a pet door.  Basically, the pet door will allow your pet to get in and outside of your house freely.

Car-parked-inside-home-5Usually, homeowners with pets do not install pet doors is because they think it is very difficult to do on their own and that they have to hire handymen to do it for them.  The truth is that installing a pet door is a simple home improvement project that you can actually do yourself.  It does not take time and training to install a pet door, but more like common sense only.  Essentially, what you will be doing is cutting a hole on your backyard door.

The hole you need to make for your pet door corresponds to the size of the pet that will be using it.  You also need to buy a pet door frame with flap which you will need to install on the hole on the door that you have made.  While the frame may not actually seem necessary, it nevertheless is as this pet door frame with flap helps with the overall aesthetic of the project and that it helps to keep the insects out of the home.  There are actually ready-made pet door frames that you can buy.  Just make sure you buy the one that corresponds perfectly to the size of your pet.

Here’s how to install a pet door:

  1. Purchase a pet door frame with flap that matches the size of your pet.
  2. Remove the door from its hinge and place the door flat on a level surface.
  3. Measure and mark the size of the pet door frame on the door. The marks should be perfectly matched to that of your pet door frame as this will be where you will cut for the hole.  Make a template of the pet door frame to ensure you have the correct measurements.
  4. Drill out holes on the corners of your intended door hole, then cut the lines that will create the hole.
  5. Check by fitting the frame of the pet door. If it fits perfectly, attach the necessary screws and adhesives to make it permanent.
  6. Once, everything is good, hand the door back up to its hinges.